Proactive foreign and security policy

That idea that EU countries should act together to promote and defend their strategic interests is as old as the Union itself. It started when the six founder members tried unsuccessfully to create a European Defence Community in 1954. They went on to found the European Economic Community instead.

The EU and its neighbours

In 50 years, the European Union has united a continent from the Atlantic to the Black Sea. Its membership has risen from 6 to 27. Since the Union is open to any European country which is democratic, runs a market economy and can handle the rights and obligations of membership, enlargement is an ongoing process. There is no shortage of candidates and would be aspirants to membership.

World partner

At nearly 500 million, the population of the European Union is the third largest in the world after China and India. Its sheer size and its impact in commercial, economic and financial terms make the EU a globally important power. It accounts for the greatest share of world trade and generates one quarter of global wealth.

Air travel

When traveling by air for business or pleasure, you have certain rights when it comes to information, delays, cancellations, overbooking and damage to your luggage, thanks to EU rules. The rules apply even if there are extraordinary circumstances which caused the flight disruption.

Help if things go wrong

Who can help me if I have a problem with a trader in another country?

Travelling with animals

Can I take my dogs on holiday with me?

Third Ecofin Council presided by Czech Finance Minister Kalousek

The Economic and Financial Affairs Council, chaired by Czech Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek, met in Brussels for the third time this year.

Maritime safety

Towards better prevention of maritime accidents. On 11 March 2009 the European Parliament finally approved the third package of measures for maritime safety after the agreement reached in conciliation last December and approval by the Council.

The EU's role in the world

The EU is the world's biggest trader and its currency, the euro, is the second one in international financial markets.

Financial Crisis - Europe's response

The global economy is facing a financial crisis involving banking systems, stock markets and the flow of credit.

The European Union and world trade

The European Union, with its 15 member countries, represents just 6% of the world's population. But it accounts for more than a fifth of global imports and exports. This makes the Union the world's biggest trader.

Commission fights late payments

Despite some improvements during the past years, late payments in commercial transactions between companies or between businesses and public authorities still happen in the EU.

Commission sets harder targets...

...for faster payments of EU grants and contracts.

Commission raises overall ceiling... balance-of-payments assistance facility. The European Commission has agreed to propose an increase to 50 billion euro in the overall ceiling of a loan facility to help non-euro area countries in the European Union cope with balance-of-payments difficulties.

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